Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Timeline Update....

Ok, so our ability to make our selection has been really difficult... we've gone back and forth on so many things.... I hope this is par for the course for everybody... its been crazy.

So here's how things stand

1) House - Graphite Gray - white trim, black shutters and black door.
2) Carpet - This is ongoing, the carpet guy from Rochester is coming in next week with all is large samples
3) Cabinets - Wyoming Bordoux
4) Kitchen Counters - not worth mentioning... we're going to change it to granite ASAP.
5) Upstaris Bathroom Tile - Alabaster

As far as our customizations;
1) We're going to have Ryan move the laundary hookup to the far wall as you enter teh laundry room.  This is so we can see the washer dryer head on as we enter teh laundry room... The extra cost is $375.

Additional Down/Upgrades
1) We think we're going to down grade the carpet from level C to level B and then get the stone fireplace.

We'd like to get all this squared away so that we can get on the building schedule.... We've got to make our final final choices this week... We're hoping to break ground in the first or second week of August.

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