About Us

That's us.   Donna and I knew each other in high school...when we went to college we lost touch.   We graduated college and went off into the world.   I eventually made my way back to the area where a mutual friend brought us back together.  We quickly became best friends "BFFs"....but that was it at that point.  I enjoyed having Donna as my best friend.   She was great.   We were best friends for like 6 years...through good and bad, thick and thin.... new flames and  new exs' we went through it all.  Eventually we found our way into each others hearts.... and the rest was history... we're now engaged planing our wedding and starting this new chapter in our lives.


  1. This is a beautiful story and post!! Congratulations to the two of you!! I can't wait to see you build your new home together!!

    1. Thank you Nadase,

      We're looking forward to the process, and are loving reading about and sharing all the Ryan experiences.