Thursday, September 5, 2013

ALMOST a serious injury due to the garage door opener...

Hi Everyone... I know i havent been blogging in a while and I hate to constantly blog about negativity and this isnt necessarily Ryans fault in all of this, but I want to get this out to everyone so your knowledgable about this.
This is our story. Last week our power went out due to a storm. I park in the garage so I had to unhook the garage door opener so I could manually get the door up. When my husband and I got home at night , he lifted the garage door manually, reconnected it to the opener and hit the button to lift the door all the way up. In a matter of seconds, the door tilted crooked, made a strange sound and three of its metal rollers came flying off the track and half the garage door swung down and ALMOST hit me. The garage door which is eight feet high dangled there not quite touching the ground, but bending , twisting and bowing the frame and the door itself.
We called ryan customer service immediatley however they informed us that since there was a warranty on the opener , that the company which is OVERHEAD DOOR COMPANY , would send a tech out to fix it tonight! So i called the number she gave me and left overhead door a message awaiting their call. Well a call never came so we had to put bike locks on everything since everything in our garage was exposed.
The next day Overhead door sent someone out and they wrote up that the rail system and garage door all needed replacement, but he had no parts with him and we would have to wait because of the long holiday weekend. Well this week came around and the manager called and said that we " must have put the door up to quick and it was our fault" what? !!!!!!!??? Are you kidding me???!!!! Thats the best he can do, blame it on us because he thought the door went up to quickly in manual mode? Has anyone ever even heard that this would be an issue? Well obviously we didnt take that answer and we came to some resolution that he would replace the rail system and take a look at the door when its functioning and there is tension on it again and if there are issues it would be replaced.
Guess what? The second tech came and said his manager told him to "bend the metal back into place" and they were not replacing anything!!!!
To say the least we had a conversation with OVERHEAD door company division manager and he argued everything with us, yelling and screaming, refusing to give me his managers number and stating that it was " RYANS issue and they said they were not responsible and told him not to replace anything". I honestly have no idea whether this is true or he just made it up, but the three times I called them, they said since there was a warranty, they were not responsible for it and the warranty would cover it.
So is this the case with everything? I know we contacted GE when we had an issue with the stovetop, but we had no idea the garage door opener too. Ryan employees this company to install this product, I would think they would step up and handle the situation, given the liability it could of been if either my hubby or myself were hit.
Has anyone had any issues similiar to this? Trouble with their installed garage door opener you bought from RYAN HOMES? We would like to know.!
We are awaiting a resolution after we called overhead door headquarters and reported to them the inappropriate and unacceptable behavior from their manager here!!