Monday, December 17, 2012

One of the best upgrades!!

We recently bought our receiver to run our surround sound system and it is AMAZING,!!!!."...... I didn't think much of this option... We were not even going to get the system because in our option sheet it had stated whole house surround sound for close to 3,000 dollars which was way too expensive for us. But after reading some of these blogs, I saw someone say that they could purchase a specific numbers of speakers to place anywhere in the house for a lot cheaper.... Well we asked our SR and it was true...just not on the option sheet. When we were set up with our meeting with Ryan's electrician to get more upgrades.. He offered us a better price on four speaker in ceiling with a sub jack for 600 dollars..... And now.....with it finally all hooked up I am sitting here starring at my tree listening to Christmas music blarring through the house ! (I am off this week!!) .....I'm really not that into listening to music that much..but my other half did a great job hooking everything up and loading pandora so we have Internet radio!!... When we watch's like you are there....the sound is amazing..and these four speakers echo through the whole house!! Just wanted to let everyone know that are picking their options right now!!... Ryan offers things that are NOT on their list!!! And thank you fellow blogger for one of our best options!! If it wasn't for their site we would have never got it!...if you guys do have the surround sound in ceiling speakers and are looking for a receiver ..we purchased the Denon integrated network receiver with AirPlay. If you have an iPad can choose all your music that is downloaded to iTunes and play that or play whatever you like through pandora ect....

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Organizing ..Organizing ..And Organizing some more!!!

ok I must admit, I am an organzing freak!! But I love that I can find everything very quickly because everything has a place !!! Is anyone else in the blog community an organizer? I would love to see or hear about ideas .. The only complaint I have about my kitchen is that the cabinets are a bit awkard. The upper cabinets are not that deep and some of the cabinet door openings are not that wide. We have very large dishes and serving trays , so it was hard to find the right spot for all of our stuff. What about the island drawers, what do you guys use them for?? Utensils or other things??? Here are some pics of my organizing plan... figured I would share with some people that love this stuff!!! Please share what you guys did with the inside of your house !! Those are the pics that I love to see and to get some ideas from !!!!!

Most of the left side Utensils are Hoffritz .. im not sure if the spelling is right. These are 6 yrs old and have held up so well.. I think most of the utensils are discontinued, but we cook A LOT and there is very minimal wear and tear ...

 I love baskets for all the things that dont come in a nice container to stack ect!!And YES they are labeled(mostly for my fiance to find things) lol!!
 Need another knife organizer ...

And my junk drawer.. comes in so handy everyday !!!


Here are outside pics from closing day (sorry no pics with garage door down !!)We will get some grass in the Spring of next year !! The color is graphite gray . They had to do a color match since we have smart siding and they painted it !

Inside of the home and starting slowly to decorate !! Waiting on a rug for under the table and we have different matching lamps ( I will have to get a new pic with them ) They are lower profile so windows can be seen more !We also bought some leather counter height stools for island.. will post more pics later !!

 Three pendanats finally.. These are HUGE Pendants , measure 10 " wide.. They are from the Guildahall collection from Progressive lighting. Ryan offers them, but way too expensive !!! We order them online and installed them ourselves!! Ryan charged us for the three pendant electrical boxes above the island...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas tree is UP!!

Our 9 foot tree is up and decorated !!!! This tree looked so enormous in our old house !!! now it  fits so nice! We still need a tree skirt and gifts under the tree, but its our first of more decorations to come!! I still need to add pics of closing day, but we are enjoying the home  and still unpacking. Next up will be painting at some point in the new year and then granite!!