Our Community

We're going to be living in a local community called Radisson (http://radissoncommunity.org/).  We where drawn to the community because of it's look.   Homes and common areas are well kept and there's miles of walking paths throughout the community.  The Radisson Community also provides members with lots of activities including tennis, pool, basketball, cross country skiing in the winter and other events and activities through the year.   

Some pics from our neighborhood.

This is an older Victoria model.  They discontinued it in 2010...we would have liked it... but our Victoria Falls model is pretty good too.

This ones a Cortland Model..... its right down the street from us... we'll get a better pic to post.

Here's a ... hrm... not sure but its nice... maybe a Bainbridge Hall Model...

And this is the old model home for the neighborhood.  It's a Waverly Model

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