Thursday, October 17, 2013


I dont know if I ever share updated photos of the outside of our home. We have elevation D Victoria Falls... Also some pics of our neighborhood and trails....its sooo pretty this time of year......We think we may be putting in grey stone up the front column next year as well as landscaping and walkways....still LOTS of work to complete! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some finished projects! Some updates ! 10 month review!

If anyone has been following our blog, you guys know that we had that huge garage door incident.... Well Ryan homes did step up to the plate, got involved and ended up resolving it... We had the entire garage door and rail system replaced...whew!
With our ten month review... Well that has been very long .... We scheduled for the main person from ryan to come out ..he reviewed our list ..fixed some things..and then had to call out other guys to fix other things.. So we took yet another day off.. Well those guys came and went and yet we had to take another day off for more guys to come fix more things.. They are still NOT finished yet and this has been going on since the beginning of september!....

We did get our pantry project finished yay!! And it is beautiful ( never thought i would say a pantry is beautiful lol! ) but it is!!! And really functional with the huge drawers... We have so much left over room!  All the props goes to my terrific hubby for getting this finished!!!!! Here are some pics.. What do you guys think?... Has anyone been working on projects?

I also added some backyard pics... The leaves are at peek and are sooo pretty! We love our home :)