Thursday, August 9, 2012

26ft from neighbors ????

So another problem..... No surprise! We went by the lot today and the pm stated that stakes would be in the ground to see where the home would be located on our lot. Well the house next door to our lot is new and still for sale and they have their lawn mowed down. We assumed they were mowing up to the property line, but apparently not. Their home is only 11 ft from our property line... Then Ryan came in there and staked our house only 15 ft from our property line! So our house is basically 26 ft away from the neighbors.....obviously I will be calling pm first thing tomorrow morning to see if they can move house position 7-8 ft the other direction... Every house in our neighborhood is approx 33-35 ft away from the next...unfortunately the house built next to ours is extra long coming in at 64 ft! Lol! Just our luck!Guess we will see how this turns out! Wish us luck!


  1. Is the house next to you a Yorkshire by any chance? That's what we built and it's about 64.5 ft wide!

    Something else to keep in mind: When our house was staked, our PM said the stakes were an extra 6ft further out in every direction than where our actual house would be.

  2. That is great to know !!!! I put in a call to the PM already this morning and waiting to hear back!!! ... If that is the case , then at least it will be a little bit better... !! Its not a Ryan home next door, we are in a neighborhood that built Ryan homes about 4 yrs ago and now there is about 4 lots left that are for sale( but not by Ryan). Since Ryan homes built almost everything in here, they agreed to build our house and buy the land.