Friday, August 10, 2012


Here we go again.....for all you bloggers starting to build, you want to read this!!!!....our pm calls us today with all bad news.First he says that he tried to obtain the permits today and the permit guy was on vacation until the 20th! So no digging which pushes our closing date even further out! he stated that it costs them soooo much money to restake where the home will be and probably wouldn't be able to move the house over 7 ft....I asked him why we were not informed our property line sat 11 ft away from the home next to ours and he walked his way around my question. Basically our pm walked the lot for the first time today and said that our community would not be in agreement with clearing our entire lot due to covenants.I asked why we were not informed that when the sales rep manager told us personally that they would CLEAR our ENTIRE lot!!!! Ryan homes have basically built every home on our street so they are well aware of what can and cannot be done in the community. I asked for our community's contact person and informed him I would call myself. I asked pm why Ryan manager would tell us yes without checking first. Why are we hearing about it now after all is said and done!!!! He had no idea.....then he went into saying cautiously ..if community agrees that lot can be cleared..they meaning Ryan homes usually clear only 25 feet back from the house it wouldn't be able to be cleared anyways.....he tells me that it's not cost effective to clear an additional 50 ft back and usually they wouldn't agree to it BLAH BLAH BLAH.........I stated that it was their issue and their company shouldn't tell us one thing to make a sale!! To end it all he emailed his manager, sales rep, sales rep manager and managers manager to get answers!!! To be continued............Honestly ....this is the is the rest of the 3 months going to turn out.....


  1. We were given a lot of misinformation throughout our experience with RH also.

  2. Us too. Really annoyed by them. Still waiting on PM to answer this last one,he's been on vacation!
    NO builder ever clears that much property. Very curious about the response you will get!

  3. Its a shame that these things happen again and again... I hope they get things figured out sooner than later for us both :)

    As for the lot clearing, we dont think that Ryan thought it would be a big deal. We think they probably drove by the lot, gave it a quick look and budgeted into our price an amount that they thought was appropriate for the excavation.... now that they've taken a closer look they're changing their tune...