Friday, August 31, 2012


I read all these blogs and feel a little jealousy creeping up inside me because of all these positive comments and stories of how everyone's experience went with Ryan homes and how much they love their project manager. We just can't say the same thing here. It's been an awful trip for us and each time we meet with upper management, they use the same phrase they must learn in training...." well if we are not the right fit for you as builders we can refund your money back"..........WHAT...?? What kind of customer service is that.. WE are asking them to resolve issues, tell us the truth ect.... And instead of ANY APOLOGIES for their continual lies and mistakes they come back with that line. They must not be used to customers actually making them accountable here in Syracuse!!!'s sad that it's come to this because we really like their design of the home, unfortunately they have AWFUL MANAGEMENT HERE and have ZERO accountability for anything they do wrong!!


  1. I just said "What!" out loud while reading your post. That is really unacceptable and I'm sorry that your experience with Ryan has been so bad. I can say that my PM has missed a week or two with updating us, but I gave him a pass, I guess because I would go by the house and see what was going on myself. My biggest gripe with the building process has been with NVR--and it seems like most people have a terrible experience with them. But, if my SR was saying maybe your chose the wrong builder…it would make me think that they don't want my business. Sounds like you guys may need to evaluate how you want to move forward. Again, so sorry for your experience.

  2. Depending on the neighborhood there are standards, which may include the extra basement gravel or not. I wouldn't know. There are standards for certain things in our neighborhood. The foundation and basement must pass inspections.
    I don't think it unreasonable to be given an out per sa, but it does seem that overall RH seems to lack any apologies or accountability. Something quite a few of us have experienced but perhaps not mentioned.
    Keep your cool, and think of how else to approach your problems with RH.

  3. Yikes! So sorry that you are having such a bad experience. We've had a few bumps in the road, but nothing compared to what you all have gone through. I wish I had some great piece of advice about dealing with RH and your situation. All I can say is hang in there. Hopefully the house at the end of the road will be worth it.