Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking for answers!!! Help!

Please look at our footer pictures? Does anyone have full gravel all the way around the footers as well as full gravel (5inch layer) throughout where the basement slab will be poured.?? I would love to know. As most of you know we are building outside a Ryan development offsite build....which I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE....they have basically put us on the back burner and seem to be trying to cut corners .... We noticed at two other development sites they are building on that everyone gets a thick layer of gravel poured all the way around the footers as well as inside the footers so the basement concrete will have something to sit on.... If you look at our pics, we didn't get any gravel on the inside of the footer and very thin layer around the perimeter of the footers... When we confronted both our Pm and his manager they both said opposite things. Our pm said that we didn't need it and his manager said it was coming at some point...basically since we are off site they didn't bother to bring it over and obviously didn't think we would know...who would think we were stalking out other people's builds in other developments! Lol! But we did.. And took pics to show the difference.... I'm sooooo sick of their excuses!!! Do you have a nice layer of gravel layer before your basement floors are poured??? Please let us know.???


  1. I guess a few things: 1) did you talk to your sales rep? 2) perhaps talk to the "vp" that approves the changes on the change order sheet if possible? The big thing on these is to be calm, and just stress that from what I've seen in Ryan home neighborhoods I expected the build process (and quality) to be x and from what I have experienced so far it's not of that caliber. Then suggest what can "we" do to improve it to be back up to standard or higher. It is a build process as a team so to speak, so blowing a little sunshine during the discussion doesn't hurt. Good luck!

    1. Your right Brian about staying calm.... We are not getting anywhere when we are so stressed about the whole thing....we did meet with our Pm's manager and didn't like his comments of we can just give your money back if you don't like what were was basically his opening line to us after we expressed that we felt we were not getting the same attention as the other homes being built in the development where our Pm is actually working everyday . It's only about 6 miles away but for whatever reason he doesn't seem to have the time to get over to our lot. They did come to an agreement to put an additional pm on when ours can't make it over there everyday..and they would stay in better contact with the contractors to make sure they are actually coming to our site and staying there to finish whatever they are doing... So I guess there was some resolution, but this is just another notch in the process where feel we have to make a point to have a meeting and discuss things to get our build process back on track. Now they have gone from delivering us the home from the last week of October until mid to late November.

  2. I went back and checked our pics. Gravel came after the walls were poured and forms removed, but before the framing began. Floor was poured after that. I have noticed that there's a lot of variation in when floors are poured. I've seen others here in RH blogland that had them before framing. We didn't get ours until after framing began.

  3. Thanks for the comments from both of you!! We appreciate it so much!....the Pm eventually said we would get the gravel...just at a later time.......even if they have to pour it through the basement window..which didn't make any sense to us why they would wait until that point.....I feel like we cant trust them since they gave us different answers at first.....the Pm manager also put an additional Pm to come to the lot if our original one can't make it as well as contacting us if they run into issues. They now pushed out or closing date from the last week of October to mid to late November.