Monday, September 3, 2012

Basement walls and Rough Grading set

This Friday we met with our PM and his Boss.... (Our PM brought his boss along for back up)... anyway we had a bit of a discussion regarding the recent going ons at our lot... we expressed our concerns about the amount or lack of work that had been accomplished over the past several weeks... we also mentioned that we though that there might be some corner cutting going on (i.e see our previous post about the missing gravel)... Se we hashed all this out... stone should be coming, its was never not coming.... our PM is going to do a better job contacting us when things are not going according to plan.... and due to our PMs work load an "assistant PM" is going to be helping him out.... which should provide our lot with a little more overall attention :) we also agreed to a couple firm milestones, our PM informed us that by no later than Sept 30th he would give us a firm end data that would be not later than Nov 30th!.

This all sounds good to us and we look forward to smooth sailing from here on out ;) (that's a bit of a sarcastic wink and smile, we think there will be more problems and these dates will be hard to hold, but we have hope)

So the other item on Fridays meeting was to set the grade.... Donna and I want the back of our house to sit high off the ground. At the morning room we wanted about 3 to 4 feet of the foundation showing above the ground.... at the front we were a little less concerned but wanted a couple feet of foundation showing.... So going around the house our PM was apprehensive about putting the grade at the level we wanted... right now its set at about 2 - 3 feet in the back and at about 1 to 1.5 feet in the front... This all looked good that the time but the more Donna and I thought about it the more we think the grade can go lower... so we plan to give our PM a call tomorrow to see if he can lower it about a foot in the back and 6 inches in the front. Finally.... the foundation walls look great... a few pics below...


  1. I hope that things will go more smoothly for you two now!

  2. Hopefully after the meeting you two have turned the corner and everything goes well from here on out!

  3. It looks like a MAZE!! I am happy the two of you are moving forward with clarity!! Continue to have fun with your new build and take plenty of pictures.