Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Second Floor Looking Good :)

Hi Hun Bun, thanks for the pics.... I miss you down here in DC.... cant wait to get home :) 

The pics Donna sent me look great....The second floor is going up!   We're running into a few issues with the broken windows and gaps in the plywood and walls.... but we think our PM will be able to handle it (we're meeting with him on friday).  We're hoping to see the finished framed structure by friday..... and by next week we should have our pre drywall meeting scheduled.... things are coming along nicely...below are some pics of the progress over the past couple days.


  1. It's looking good so far!! Nothing like having pictures to monitor your journey! I love this part of the build (watching the framing). It seems each state does it differently!

    BTW-can you turn off the word verification---it is sooooo much easier to leave a comment. It makes you decipher this weird word pattern.

    1. Hi Rick and Nadase .....I love that you follow our blog and comment!! Sometimes I wonder if anyone looks but us lol!! Thanks for all your thoughts and positive comments!! feels good that someone goes through these things along with us and everyone has ups and downs in their build!! I will try to turn off word verification ..not really sure how but will figure it out!

  2. Isn't progress great?!! I hope the window and wall issues get resolved quickly!

  3. Looking great! I'm sure your PM will be able to get those things fixed. We only had 1 broken window, but it was ordered and reinstalled without incident.