Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raising The Roof....

 The pile of of wood is looking like a home.... The framers got a ton done this week.  The peeks look good, the rooms are in place!

We met with our PM Friday morning.... we went over a bunch of concerns... including some broken windows, crooked windows, some bad wood and some gaps in the walls... turns out most of our concerns we didn't need to worry about.  The PM was on top of them and indicated he'd be doing a full walk through that would catch all of the things we were worried about.

The below are all the newest pics:

Front of house from street

Waterfall stairs from foyer
Looking up at the second floor
Looking into the family room from the kitchen

Looking at kitchen from laundry room

Morning room from kitchen

Kitchen from family room

Kitchen from family room

Office from foyer

Foyer from upstairs hall

Foyer and upper window (with idiot balancing on boards) from upstairs hall.
Master bedroom from top of the stairs

Master bath tub from entrance

Back of house


  1. Hey it looks absolutely wonderful! I really like this elevation--our future next neighbors has it.

  2. I love the Victoria Falls floor plan! Its going up fast!

  3. Ok. I love the idiot balancing On boards!!! What was he smoking!!?? Lol