Thursday, August 30, 2012

Walls up...but issues remain!

So today my fiance drove by our site on her way to work and noticed that there was nobody there working AGAIN!... so she called the PM and learned that he had no idea that nobody was there this morning....and he had no idea that only minimal work had been done yesterday....  So basically he had told us last week that we would see quit a bit of work this week, including footers, walls, waterproofing.... as things stood this morning this was not all going to happen.... so after a little discussion (maybe a little yelling too) the PM got the right crew over to our place and assured us that the foundation walls would be up today.

Well his word was good... the walls are up .... now we know that things easily slip and we want to make sure our PM stays informed and up to date with the day to day goings on at our site.   So tomorrow we have a meeting with our PM to discuss the grading of the land and a few other things...namely the schedule slipping and the repeated non work days at our site.... We're hoping that after tomorrows meeting we will all have a clear understanding of the road ahead over the next couple months and to make sure schedules are met.

Below are a few pics of the new foundation walls as well as a couple pics of the newly delivered lumber...which by the way came yesterday and if the foundation walls hadn't gone up today and with the holiday weekend coming might be siting on the front lawn for who knows how long...

The walls are encased in modular metal casings its pretty cool how the all fit together.  The walls are about 8 feet hight and it looks like they will be about 8 inches thick.... we noticed that other homes have a nice layer of gravel spread on the interior which we guess serves as a bed for the foundation slab.... since ours doesnt seem to have any stone, this will be something we'll be discussing with the PM tomorrow.

As an engineer I really appreciated the delivered lumber.... its all pre fabricated! walls with attached plywood...the crew just has to put it together like big erector set.... I guess at their factory or warehouse, they punch in the house type and then the whole house is automatically manufactured packaged and loaded onto an truck and delivered right to our front door :)  I bet Ryan can save so much money doing it this way... or that is they can make so mcuh extra money of of us doing it this way :)


  1. I will be so happy when they get these issues handled for the two of you! I know it must be annoying! Glad you decided to sit down with the PM. This puts everyone on the same page and keeps the PM accountable to his timeline.

  2. I hope your PM stays on top of the crews a little better so you have minimal days with little to no progress on the house from now on.

  3. Thanks for your positive thoughts!!! I guess it's hard for him since we are about 5 miles from the Ryan development he is stationed in where he has 16 houses he is managing. Our development is completely finished except for three lots that never sold. So we are only one house he has to watch and he obviously is not making it there everyday .....hopefully everything gets resolved today!!! Wish us luck!!