Monday, August 27, 2012


Ok... It's been part of last week and now today with no machines at the lot, no men soda cans thrown to the ground.....not one person there.... We called the PM he offered us an explanation that he made a mistake in paperwork. That in turn screwed up the foundation workers schedule and now we are waiting for their company to have an opening so they can come and put the footers in....has anyone else run into this? Stretches of time where no one is working on the home? We are worried that if rates keep creeping back up we will miss the opportunity to lock in at such a low rate.


  1. We experienced this frustration at the framing stage. we had the basement poured and the house sat for 9 days with no progress waiting on framers. Once they got there they framed the entire house in 3 days and got back on schedule. I hope they can find a way to make the time up for you. I have changed they way I visit now. I try to not go as frequently and I have a deal worked out with the SR and she sends me pics so I can decide if it is worth the trip, just to avoid disappointment. good luck to you.

    1. Thanks for the tips!!! It's sooo hard for us not to go by since we are renting an apartment only five minutes away..maybe I'm minute away.....literally one minute to our apartment door. It's in the same community so everyday after work I have to drive right by the street the house is on, so of course I have to take a peek!!

  2. They didn't start when they had originally said, a week or so later then it's been fairly much okay. Rates crept up and then went back down...Usually cannot lock until around the drywall time frame. It will all go quickly soon.

  3. Dont worry about the rate, they keep saying that closer to election they predict them to come back you might be good to wait a little while.............I keep hoping for that we all know that rate can make a pretty good impact on your mortgage!!!
    I wont be able to lock into about the election,,...seriuosly like November just think positive and around election they make everything look good and gas prices go