Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ryan homes...our new BFF ...for now!

So here is the great news....... After several discussions with our project manager, our sales rep's manager and their managers ...they have agreed to keep their word and CLEAR THE ENTIRE LOT...our lot will be cleared approx 75 ft ( at the furthest point)back from the back of the home. Also they have agreed to move the house over 5 ft without charging us another survey fee..... We are happy that we are finally on the same page and in agreement without debate today!!! They start clearing next Tuesday!! Yayyyyyy! I also want to give a shout out to our great new soon to be neighbors Irena and Rob. They built their home two years ago with Ryan. They have been great to us, filling us in and helping us with this process!!!!


  1. Congrats!! Good to hear they will follow through on something :)

  2. Thanks.. hopefully no big issues from this point on!!!

  3. WOW, some awesome news, see never take NO for an answer until you have tried all avenues....and have happy for you :)