Saturday, July 21, 2012

Color Selection Dilemmas

Its almost time for us to meet with ryan at their selection center.  Things are moving along nicely and we're feeling rushed with all these color decisions we need to make.   We'll need to decide the color for the following:

1. House color and trim color
2. Carpet color
3. Hardwood floor color
4. Cabinet colors
5. Tile colors

Donnas the decorator and shes been through more blogs than I can count looking for just the right color combinations.  We've also driven by more houses than I can count looking at the siding, trim and shutter color combinations.   Right now, and things could change any minute ;) , we're leaning towards the following:

1 Gray or tan house with black shutters.
2. Not sure for carpet...but probably a medium tan/brown
3. A Darker hardwood color saddle
4. The Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux cabinets
5. Not sure for tiling...but probably a lighter tan or beige with a darker listello (sp?) which is that trim that goes around near the top

Donnas main dilemma is the over all color combinations.... She wants to makes sure the flooring, tile, cabinetry and future granite, paint and furniture all wrap nicely together.   We're thinking we like the kitchen cabinets and floor a little darker overall, we'll paint the walls using lighter tans and yellows and the wood in the furniture will be a darker wood with cloth that matches the walls.  The thing is once we make our color choices at the selection center that its... and we're not allowed to make any this is a one shot deal we got get it right the first time....

Below is an kitchen or two we like.  These are from blogs we like or models we've seen.  We're heading out today to check out another model... we do like to see things in real life before going with it... hopefully we get it right...

Here's one with the lighter floor and cabinets....

Here's some bathroom pics from a blog we follow that had some model pictures.  we like the tile, hardware, cabinetry combinations...we may go with a slightly different tile and listello as well as a differant paint color... but the overall look we like.

Oh... why oh why does ryan have to put some sort of access panel on the front of the tub as you walk into the bathroom... we've seen this done a few times.... I wonder if they'll be doing it at our house... maybe we can grab the project managers and come up with a different location.


  1. Welcome Welcome Welcome, Roger and Donna to the Ryan Blog Family!!! I have to tell you I spent months deliberating on the selections/upgrades and customizations for our home because we were in underwriting waiting for loan approval. You are right!! Ryan will make most of your customizations for a fee! Any changes must be submitted before your time line expires. They usually give you two weeks or before the your pre construction meeting. Some PMs are very gracious with making accommodations for your home and others are strictly by the book and want it in writing on your change orders before they change anything. Honestly, we moved so quickly during our purchase agreement stage that I did not think carefully enough about my exterior color choice. So my question to the two of you is what curb appeal are you looking for in your color choices for your home as you drive up to it--is it light and airy or warm and cozy? The stone mountain clay is just gorgeous! I really wished that I could have gotten this color but it was too late when I returned to change it. Check with your SR for the color scheme chart for the exterior colors--not sure if you have done this already. Ryan Homes will not allow the house to your left or right to have the same colors. I wanted a warm and cozy curb appeal and the stone mountain clay with black shutters and door would have looked awesome. By the time I tried to change it, the family to my left had the black shutters and the family to my right had greenwatch which looks black. So I switched completely to Sandy Tan with brown shutters/door--still warm and cozy! I love your color choice of cabinets and whatever color the flooring is in the first picture looks awesome together. What color did you choose for the counter top? f you are going to go with granite for the kitchen and baths--check with the tile company and ask where the granite warehouse is located. You may be able to pick the color of your slab a week before they come out to measure your template. The absolute black on the cherry bordeaux in the bathrooms looks awesome too. Just like the two of you, I like the darker tiles simply because they are pretty. For the Master Bathroom, I chose the Wall/Flooring: (C) Tile, ceramic 12x12 (SD93 Truffle Field and Listello: (C) 4-7/8x12 (5/8" SA54 Wisteria Tortoise

    I would love to continue following your progress and for you to follow ours. Please visit us at and click the "join this site" button. HAPPY BUILDING!!

    1. Hi Nadase,

      We're having a great time learning from every bodies experiences... We wish we had started reading 6 months before we decided to negotiate our contract... I think we would have been lot better prepared :)

      As for our cub appeal, We like a classic look... we're not too daring... we saw the stone mountain clay on a house in a local neighborhood and thought it looked great too.... but it turns out in our neighborhood there is a covenant that doesnt allow vinyl siding, it only allows cedar siding which is painted, so Ryan tries match a paint color to our siding choice. When we found this out we go nervous and chickened out on the stone mountain clay and opted for graphite gray, which we think will be a safer bet when painted.

      Our floors color is saddle, We're not doing any granite through Ryan, we'll probably put granite counter tops in next year.

      We read about your elevation problems... hope things work out for you... we'll check back to see how things turn out.

  2. Welcome :) Getting started and making choices is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride. Mostly fun but has it's downside moments too. Your not alone in making these lasting decisions. It's not unusual to think you like one thing but after talking and visioning it through realize it won't look right.
    I labored over the exterior choices, the sandy tan was no longer available perhaps a bit over done in the neighborhood. Finally one of the assistants helped me realize the island pearl would be the most attractive choice for the stone we wanted. Then I labored over the cabinets. Trying to keep our budget down, but nothing clicked for me with the level one granite. Luckily my husband didn't like them either and we upgraded to the Wyoming choice that you made.
    We went with the Manchester Gunstock, basic level, because I like the lighter shade.
    Recently buying furniture I have been working with a decorator and have learned, light, medium and dark. So my cabs are dark, the granite is light, and the flooring is medium. She has helped me pick my interior house colors. I had picked dining room and foyer and she helped me on LR and flow, what to match up in the bathroom. I have been learning a lot on putting my vision together.
    Have fun and enjoy!!!

    1. We've spent a lot of time balancing our wish list with our budget. Donna is great at adding a little something here and taking out a little something there and making it all even out.... We're coming down to the wire now and trying to figure out how to get the stone fireplace.... we're headed back to the selection center tomorrow to see if maybe downgrading to level B carpet from C would be doable... if so we'll have the money for the fireplace... I hope Donna sees something at the B level she likes...I'd really like to get the stone fireplace :)

      I asked Donna about dark medium and light... she said it made good sense and that our selections should be ok... we're going to get granite eventually... I guess that will have to be the light color for us too.

  3. I just found your blog. We drove around forever trying to find the right combination for our exterior. We ended up just scheduling time in the design center (without a SR so there was no one hovering) and put together various combinations until we were satisfied.
    As for the tub access panel, ask for it to be placed in the closet. That's where ours is and it makes the tub look so much nicer to not have the tile interrupted for the access panel.
    I would ask about the timeline for changes. We had 30 days for all the cosmetic items and 14 days for all structural changes. We went back to the flooring place 3 times until we were satisfied.
    Good luck with your build!

  4. We are building a Victoria Falls as well (Elevation E). I think the hard part is visualizing what it will look like on a larger scale. One thing that our design person at the selection center brought up is that from the entry you can see the living room carpet as well as the stairs carpet. We originally were going to pick different colors between those two rooms but after that observation made both areas the same carpet. I know you talked about walling that over, but just in case you're not it's good information to have! :)