Sunday, July 1, 2012

So This Is Elevation A (not our D) With Some Of Our Upgrades Shown In Blue.

The picture above is from the Ryan Website.  We created it when we where trying to determine what our Ryan home would look like.  A little while ago when we first started thinking about what kind of home we'd like to live in we immediately noticed the Victoria homes built in local developments around us.  We loves one elevation in particular... when we started to get serious about looking and maybe buying a Ryan home we looked but couldn't find the elevation we liked and had seen around us.  Well turns out that Ryan doesn't actually market or display all of their elevations.   Lesson learned... don't assume that what Ryan shows you in their pamphlets or on their website is all they have.  Their advertised elevations might be the most popular... but they have more.  Ask them for what you want! They may have it.

Below is a picture from another local development where we found an elevation D Victoria Falls.  We're not sure about the landscaping and color choices but the elevation is what we want. Sorry about the bad angels ... but its tough to get a drive by picture :)

Another with a more front on view....

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