Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Color Selections .... ???

We had our color selection earlier this week.... well it was supposed to be the final selection....but we've already changed our minds on a couple things....

Initial Selections:

1) House Color  - We started with stone mountain clay... we though it looked great on a few other houses in some local ryan developments. We also selected white trim, black shutters and a black door.  But now that we think about it is a brownish color right for us? Maybe the graphite gray is better...

2) Carpet - Its so hard to look at a little 2 inch by 2 inch square and to try and imagine what it would look like throughout the house.... So our first choice was Reed from the favorite choice collection... but maybes its too yellow...

3) Cabinets - We've always liked cherry bourdox (see above picture)

4) Hardwood - We liked the saddle

5) The Tile ad listello (sp?)  -  This is the listello.

6) Counter Tops - We didnt get granite :( its too expensive and all the other choices where kind of gross so there's no fixing this one :(

7) Fireplace Surround - Absolute Black

Ok... so here's what we want to change...

1) Carpet Color - Still not sure... but we want to move to a lighter color.... we think Reed is to dark... so we think maybe gallery or light aspiration would be a good idea.  These are all from shaws "favorite Choice" collection.  We're now having the carpet guy from Rochester come in next week with all his large samples so we can pick from something larger.

2) House Color - Well the stone mountain clay seems a little risky... so we think we're going to change this to graphite gray.. a safer color that looks pretty good on its own or can look really great with the right stone.

3) Listello - We found a house on line that had used our listello and we didnt really like it... so now we might change this too....

Does this all sound too crazy... are we over thinking this whole selection process... our start date can't be set until we figure this out... did any body else have such a hard time?


  1. We chose the saddle floors too! They should be installed this Friday so I will be posting pictures either this weekend or early next week! You can never over-think your selections. You will have to live with the selections you choose for a very long time. I can't even tell you how many change orders we had. If it helps, make another flooring appointment so you can take a look once more. It's all so overwhelming! It gets worse when your selections are "locked-in" and you are no longer able to make changes. You will second-guess yourself like crazy! Now that our house is almost done, I regret nothing! Everything is turning out way better than I imagined it would!

    By the way, I just found your blog and started following it! Feel free to follow mine at!

  2. We visited the flooring place 3 times to make sure we were satisfied with our selections. We have Stone Mountain Clay siding and we love it. In our community, there are more brown/beige houses and fewer of the grays. If your community is the same, the gray would definitely make it stand out more. We would have gone with the Graphite Gray if only it were a little darker. Good luck with your build.