Sunday, July 1, 2012

This Is Our Lot!

We just selected our lot... actually we've walked by it and explored it and had our eye on it for awhile...but now we actually have it.   We think its just what we're looking for, open in the front and side and nicely wooded behind a medium sized back yard, yeah less mowing :).  A couple pictures and more info are below.

Above is our lot as seen in the tax map, it's circled in black. Its hard to see the dimensions but its about 90 feet wide at the front and 75 at the back.  Its overall depth is about 150.  Its located on Luchsinger Lane in Radisson.  This division is fairly new in Radisson, its about 6 years old and has space for 50 or so homes.  there are 5 lots left (if your interested better move quick).  There's three more next to us and one more on the other side of Luchsinger.  The Lots are typically 80 to 100  feet wide and about 150 feet deep plus a 15 foot easement from the road which makes them about 165 feet deep on average overall.  Below is a look at Luchsinger and our Lot from GoogleMaps or of what your favorite bird might see looking down during a fly by.

If your interested in learning more about our Community check out "Our Community" tab above or better yet check out the Radisson Community website :

A few more... Below the two lot pics side by side...

Here's a mock up of what the house would look like on the lot.... Donna said don't post it but I spent like an hour making it so I got to post :)

Ok that's the lot.... They break ground in a couple weeks.  We'll post some lot clearing and foundation digging pics then.

There are lots of Ryan homes on our street so if your interested in checking out what some real life models look like check out the Our Commuity tab above we should have some photos posted soon.

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