Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So we get a call from the head of customer service after speaking with so many people that had no answers.. they basically stated that they bought the product first .... which is not really correct.. we took out a loan and paid them for that product .. so I beg to differ..... We requested to see a list of all the rebates that they recieved off of our property and she said their rebate information is private and cant be given to us.. so no where to go from here????......I guess...Unless you guys know more about this .. please let us know !!!!!did the reps state that all energy effiecient appliances ..furnaces ect... rebates will only go to them and they take it off of our final price of the home? We didnt know any of that information or we would have negotiated that in the price of the home....


  1. No, I had no idea about any of this - but I completely agree that it is wrong for them to do this. They CERTAINLY do not pay for the appliances. That would be like the delivery driver for Home Depot getting the rebate just because they installed it. This kind of thing makes me a little upset. I think I'll ask my SR to see what kind of response she will come back with.

    Like you said, they should have given us an additional credit on the purchase for the value of the rebates - or let us file for the rebates. I could definitely use that cash for moving expenses, utility setup fees or furniture!

  2. I agree..I would want the rebate.

  3. Nothing was ever said for us and I am not at all surprised. I do think it should show somewhere on the contract the rebate savings being shared with the new homeowner.

  4. This is so wrong for a builder to do this behind customer's back.

    Sound like identity theft if you ask me.

  5. When it all comes down to it, Ryan did buy the products that the rebate is on. You bought a house from them, you didn't buy a furnace or windows or other things.

    This is the same thing if you bought a resale home.

    If you built the home yourself and had a building loan and went out and bought the products then you would get a rebate.

    You didn't get reciepts for everything that was put into the house, so you cannot prove you bought them.

    1. No i dont agree, its not at all like a resale home. The homeowner made a decision to replace their old appliances furnaces hot water heater ect.. Then they sell their home reflecting the price of their new appliances... RYAN HOMES DID NOT DISCLOSE THEY WOULD BE GETTING THE REBATES...IT IS EXPECTED THAT EVERYTHING IS NEW IN THE HOUSE.....we pay a hefty fee and they stated that all these rebates are taken off our final price...well if us as customers dont know that information, then how would we negotiate that price correctly to reflect these rebates.....

    2. They also don't tell you the costs to install a shower, cost for concrete, or any of the other things they pay for to make the home a reality.

      If they broke out their costs for each thing would you feel better at negotiating for a house?

  6. I think Ryan homes should disclose about the rebates to the buyer especially they are using the address of the buyer to claim that money.

    If I buy a computer at Staples (or any other store) and there is a rebate from the manufacturer, the store can not claim that rebate.