Friday, March 15, 2013


I just want to let everyone know that we recieved a letter recently from national grid. It stated that Ryan home submitted a claim to get a rebate for 500 dollars from OUR FURNACE AND THERMOSTAT. We had been randomly selected from national grid to have this information verified!! I called national grid and they stated that they dont normally verify often, but ryan homes used the gas electric acct number before it was switched over to get the money off the energy efficient stuff. Ryan will not get the money unless i let the nat grid rep into the home to verify the furnace and thermostat!!, so of course i called Ryan homes cust service center and what do ya know...i get a call from a the project managers manager stating that ..." why would they need to tell us they get a rebate off of the stuff they install..they get rebates off of everything"... I indicated that WE ACTUALLY PAID FOR THE FURNACE... So any rebate should go to the person that paid for the item....he went on to tell me that its factored into the price of the home blah blah blah....same crap they fed us thru the entire build......somehow ryan homes makes a hugggggeee profit or they wouldnt be building homes i have a feeling they didnt subtract that rebate they were getting off of the furnace....i now am requesting a list of all rebates they recived based off the things i purchased...ex all ge appliance packages....extra windows...does anyone else know this? I am assuming not unless it was told to you during the build process or you recieved a letter also..Wonder how many rebates they recieved in total?? It would be great for the home owner to actually recieve those!!..??Please LEt us know!!


  1. Wow! That's crazy!!! Did they say they would give it to you? I would ask. I am interested to see what you find out...

  2. Well, not to stick up for "the man" here, but they buy the house, we just select what goes in it. For example, if for some reason right in the middle of the build you pulled out or could not get the financing, they would own the home, not you. So they are the purchaser of the equipment and features in the home. We then buy the home just like you would buy any other house. If you bought an already-built house, the homeowners would not give you a credit for the rebates they received on the equipment they bought.

    As for them making a profit, they are a for-profit corporation that has to answer to stockholders. In fact, their stock is through the roof ($900+ a share) so they know how to run the business pretty well. I get your frustration that you are missing out on some savings when you are spending a ton of money, but that's just how the game is played.

    1. Yes i do understand that they actually bought the furnace first..however they informed me that the rebate is actually taken off the price of the furnace and figured into our final price which i dont believe. If ryan homes were up front,stating in our contract that they will recieve all rebates for the things we purchase ...and it equalled "x" amount ..then we would be able to negotiate the price better becuase of those rebates....but since they NEVER mentioned any such thing..then customers have no idea they are doing this which honestly makes it fraudulent....ryan homes also told me they get a huge discount for purchasing large amounts of appliances from GE and also getting their rebates if we decide to purchase their Upgraded package. Also think about how many windows you have in your home. If national grid is offering rebates for putting in energy star windows, that is a huge rebate they recieve. So us as customers add in several windows at 500 dollars per window and they recieve more rebates off them. Now our furnace and thermostat was 500 dollars worth of rebates...what about about the rest of the house appliances...tons of water multiply that times the amount of houses they build.....

  3. I understand Henry's point of view BUT since she did close on the house and actually purchased the furnace, I think this rebate belongs to the homeowner. Rebates on wood, windows, etc...I can understand that the builder keeps.

  4. I'm interested to see what happens with this. Please update when you hear something! Good Luck!

  5. It's not a one sided transaction. If there are rebates than it should be shown and accounted for, if not than it should go to the final buyer or be shown that the buyer has received these savings. I believe they get all kinds of perks for the brands they choose. Like the free refrigerators if you upgrade your package? That perk isn't just for the buyer so I am sure they get some kick back somewhere.

  6. WOW that's new low RH is doing. Hope it doesn't happen to us.
    We are about to start building our home.