Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Little changes that make a big difference ....

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend !! We were busy with some more projects for the weekend and finsihed off Monday with a family party !! Here is what we were up to .....

Thanks to "Road to Ravenna" on Steve and Erica's blog we have removed our water flow  filter off of the showerhead and IT IS AMAZING.. I literally feel like we are at a spa when I take a shower now.. The stream is so powerful and nice !!! We do not have great water pressure in our area  and removing this helped so much .. we also installed the "soft close" for all cabinet doors!!!  If you cant stand the bang of all those doors, these are totally worth it. We bought them from Home Depot for 8 dollars for a  4 pack. We finished most of the doors in the kitchen and will be doing our bathroom cabinet doors  as well. They were so simple , its just one screw into the  inside of the cabinet near the  the hinge. The whole project literally took about 10 minutes and now the doors shut so slowly and softly !!
We also started a bigger project of the kitchen pantry redo. We ripped apart the four wire shelves they had installed, spackled and painted the inside of the pantry one of our accent colors and bought some closet organziation from Lowes (Roth Allen) and pieced it together. We bought the large (I guess what looks like a book case) and then bought two drawers that fit into it and will be buying matching wood shelving for each side of the pantry and one more drawer or a wire drawer for the bottom space. They have all different combinations depending on the size of your pantry....It doesnt look like we fit much stuff on it, but we have so much stuff on this cabinet alone.. the shelves fit several of those filled canisters  (rice ,cereals, flour, sugars, popcorn, breadcrumbs.. you name it ) and the top magazine holders hold all of my cookbooks. The first drawers hold all of our junk foods, bags of chips, cookies, breads and then I put a divider in and the other half holds all of our foils, saran wraps, garbage bags, little lunch bags ect..The next drawer holds all canned goods, boxed goods, and some bagged goods.. THEY ARE HUGE !! They also  make a wire drawer if you would like to store potatoes , onions ect.. We are debating on getting another full drawer or the wire drawer.
We are half finished with it.. but I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT !!  We ended up hanging the whole cabinet on the wall anchoring it into studs....Its so organized and the drawers are so big and deep, we can fit so many things in there and are so easy to access now. With the wire shelving, all my canisters would fall and tip over  and it was just a mess. We have about 15" on each side for shelving and will install four shelves on each side, so we have more than enough room when this is completed  ..
Here are two  pics, sorry I know its dark, but more pics to come later when all the side shelves are up !!!!


  1. Awesome! How do you remove the filter from the shower head?! I am so curious now! Our pressure is pretty good, but I want to see all its potential!

  2. Hi Elise,

    If you take showerhead off, there is a blue washer that you remove and thats it!...you can youtube also and see how to do it!! Good luck!

  3. Great DIY tip, keep them coming...we'll be there soon.

  4. Very nice! You guys are the masters of organization! :)

  5. awesome! I'll have to remember this!

  6. What a great idea! I may have to put this on the project list for later.