Monday, October 15, 2012

We just want some consistency....

In our development we are required to put on a particular siding.... called smartside... its like a wood siding...anyway they started putting it up the other day and when we got a look at it we thought it was definitely lacking in quality...the gaps between planks where small, large and medium... the cuts where absolutely horrible (not straight)... We want the siding put up with some consistency.... not sure if the guys doing teh job just aren't experienced with it or we told them to stop putting up the siding until we can meet about it... so tomorrow we have a meeting schedule to discuss the siding as well a few other things...(grading, driveway plans)

A few pics to illustrate our point are below :)

The cut below the window is absolutely not straight... we have no idea why they would put this up...

 These planks are not uniform... some come right up to the edge others not so much...

Here are a variety of small and medium gaps...

Small...non existent gap...


  1. What crappy work, see this is why we visit our sites often..... just makes you so made when you save for years and years and someone just slaps up some siding with no regard to your dream home. I hope it all gets resolved and please let us know you your meeting goes..

  2. You can really tell when this construction thing is just a job to some of the workers. I hope they are able to fix the siding for you!

  3. I am glad you caught this. There is a wide range of gaps in the siding and you would think they will comply and fix this. We will def. be on the lookout for this once our siding goes up!

  4. So glad you had the guts to speak up. I hope they resolve this issue for you properly. I was reading about how you turned your living room into an office. We did that at our last house and never regretted it. This time, we chose a plan with a great room and morning room, and converted dining room into an office (we are not formal people). I think you will like the more private office area.

  5. Thanks for all the positive comments!!! They are going to be fixing our siding and even agreed it was not great workmanship!!