Monday, October 22, 2012

A little sneak peek

 Our Kitchen Cabinets are going in !!!! They are absolutley gorgeous... Its a nice dark cherry wood and they are HUGE!!!!! This picture cant show the size of them , but the rooms are all nine foot ceilings and they almost touch the top!!!! After the hardwoods are installed , our island will be going in as well!!!
 The workers are actually here on Saturday and Sunday !!! I am amazed that they were working until 630pm Friday night and when we drove by SAturday morning, they were already there !!!! Geez!!! I hope they get a break... but look what amazing work they did on our Direct set staircase!!!! more pics to come when they finsih staining !!!

Soon there will be a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling !!!
 Our beautiful staircase

 Our Electrician working hard!!
 Alternate view of Kitchen from the family room.. Our pantry doors look tiny compared to the enormous cabinets !!!!

 We are going to be closing in mid Novemeber, so they are working FAST


  1. Love the cabinets... and all that light coming in the morning room! Those stairs are going to look awesome when they are done!

  2. WOW! Roger and Donna! Your Victoria Falls looks great! I absolutely love love your morning room windows and the windows on the side of your fireplace!

    What is the exact date for your closing?

    1. Hi Rick and Nadase.. I see your home is coming along !!!! You have gotten to take great pics of the progress.. Again I cant WAIT to see your two toned kitchen !!!Our walk thru is scheduled for Nov 15th and waiting to hear from NVR if we can close with them on the 16th and get the keys!!!!

  3. Good Luck Reaching to top of your cabinets!! HA!
    I love how big they are as well but I can't even reach the top shelf in my Kitchen =/